More apartments to rent

Could we Have Apartments to rent Besides Pink Cage Motel And Rent is at an Affordable Price like weekly or Monthly Rents that are taken out of your Bank Account. Not everyone can afford Houses


I actually recently put in a ticket about something similar to this. I’m working on trying to get the idea of a hotel approved and running. I was trying to find a solution to people not having a storage place, and being stuck in monthly payment cycles. With a hotel, they would end up paying more money overall (naturally), but would be able to purchase on a night by night basis.
I am currently tryin to get the Bayview Lodge opened as a solution to this problem.

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I think we need more houses/motels to rent. Starthouse is great but like my case central is lagging up.

Through the Auction, I’ve constantly been adding new apartment complexes -like the Del Sol Apartments. We have a lot of house options that are also currently available through our website.

We’re constantly looking into other options; however, we need to be careful with adding in too many buildings to limit lag or issues for players with low-end PCs.

Edit: Cheaper options are being looked at.