MoneyBundle it's broken

Description of the Issue:MoneyBundle
Expected Results: so i go there with 1 mil dirty and i get 3 bundle for 250k , then i go there with just 250 k and get 1 and didnt take my money (i did it 3 times with 250k and get 1 and i still have the money)
Actual Results:
Steps to Reproduce:New video 111 - YouTube

I was also going to create a ticket just now about this. I did the exact same thing and it kept giving me money bundles without taking the dirty money out of my pockets.

Thanks for the report Thunder. I’m not sure if I should also make a report regarding it so I thought id just reply here.

Also just wanted to state that when you craft a money bundle it gives you 3 bundles instead of 1. I’m not sure if that’s suppose to happen but I just wanted to let someone know