Money laundering | crafting guns

Hello I was once in the city and once you had the option to make all the weapons through the preparation table or you had the option to make drugs (meth) with the van car you had the option. And even once money laundering had to look for a place and if you find it you can launder your money that it was good because you had to look for the place and keep it that the police would not know the place and that they would not invade there. I think the new way that only the official gang have the option to do the laundering is not good in my opinion because there are people who do not gang but they are criminals have no life they do not spend what exactly if they collect houses and they make dirty money if they sell it to people they gang Losing a lot of money is no longer worth it. On the subject of weapons gangs can now make the big weapons and people can only make small weapons it’s ok but I think people who are petty criminals should be made to do a few more things. Because eventually everyone will want to be in the gangs or start opening gangs just so that they will have the option to launder money or make weapons. I do not know why they changed it but I think it will be more RP. If it’s like it used to be