Mining Wash Area Expansion

Just a quick recommendation.

Current State:
Currently, the mining Wash area only has 2 small areas to wash stone from.

Compared to the first step that has 5+ spots and smelter that has 3 spots.

I am recommend the wash area be expanded. Maybe increase the wash area circle or add 1-2 more circles to the area.

What will this help?
With how the wash spot is, the current pushes you out of the circle a lot and a lot of times your character gets stuck in a cycle of washing when you didn’t even press E. You have to normally try and cancel the action or open inventory or press escape to bring up the menu.

With an increased area it will make it less crowded and a less or a chance for the current to push you out of the circle. Also spreading people out will remove some of the immersion killer of people clipping through each other during the wash actions.