Mechanic Jack Keeps Rising

Description of the Issue:
The issue with the mechanic jacks is that when we go to do a body on a car, for example, we raise the jack and then we are able to analyze the car and do the body work around it. But, in some cases, when we raise the jack, it says that we needs to raise the car on a jack in order to do body work. This happens multiple times in a row to where the car goes so high in the air that we can’t reach it, resulting in us having to impound it and the customer having to pay extra to take their car out the impound. This has happened with multiple mechanics at my shop and we have to disconnect from the server every time and come back in.
I hope this gets fixed because customers leave the mechanic shop without the car they were hoping to get fixed since our jacks bug out.

Did this just randomly start happening? I don’t think the mechanic system has been touched in over a month.

This has been an issue for a while…it might be something else effecting it, or it could just be old. Old meaning, the code needs to be looked at and tested.