Meat Processing Plant

Suggestion: Turning this area into a meat processing plant would create multiple jobs as well as being extremely beneficial for future plans involving decaying food and wanting more player owned businesses. The jobs it could create include but are not limited to: Dairy Farmer, Animal Slaughterers, Meat Processers, Refrigerated Trailer Meat Delivery, and potentially more.
How will it expand RP: It will create a number of jobs as well as be a constant interaction point for restaurants and other business owners that server food


Maybe a cool location for the current butcher job.

If anything this could introduce additional job options but the current slaughter job gives chicken which may be used for burgershot and other restraunts in the future. Unfortunately this falls under actual development to handle the code which isn’t a quick switch in its current state.

We might entertain the idea in the future. Also if that ranch is the one im thinking about that has a walkable interior, that ranch is a player owned property.

Yea, I kind of figured this wouldn’t be an idea that would be very easy to implement but at least not impossible. As well as create enough RP potential to make the undertaking worth it. That being said I also kind of figured it wouldn’t be something that could be done right away.

Also, I think I know which property you are referring to, which is very close near by (just down the street). But I am fairly certain that this ranch does not currently have a walkable interior.