Making more people able to do import cosmetics

For the last week i’ve been trying to get a hold of Ivan so i can do some mods to my Harley Davidson. Yet everytime i head over to Lux he seems to not be there. I do not blame him since we live in different time zones and therefore we might not be awake at the same hours. Therefore i suggest more people should be given the ability to do these kind of mods so that people (like me) can finally see the different cosmetic options for their vehicles. If these people are Lux workers, PDM workers or mechanics doesn’t matter to me. As long as more people can be added aswell as keeping it within an RP interaction (AKA i don’t want to waste staff time to do some vehicle mods).

How will it expand RP:
This would open up the possibility for a vehicle cosmetics shop and that leads to an entirely new RP scenario and new interactions. It would also lead to making new contacts and having more interactions with new people. More cosmetic workers → More interactions → More contacts → More scenarios → Better RP.