LUX needs to be redone

LUX, probably the only business that never has workers and still remains in the city. For 3 days in a row I have tried to sell 1 of my many cars. But because LUX is closed about 23 hours a day it has been impossible. What the city needs is LUX but with people that actually works there. Lets say there would be a schedule of when its open and closed. lets just say its open between 10-12am and then 1-2pm for an example.The opening times should be known to everyone.

The way this will expand RP is so people actually can go to LUX and buy and sell cars just like you can in real life. This gives a nice RP for booth the buyers and the sellers as people get more happy with a LUX thats actually open. The way LUX is at the moment is not working. And I think I speak for everyone when i say LUX needs opening hours.

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Have you considered applying to work at Lux and then you could dedicate the hours you are suggesting to being there?

You have to remember some people don’t wanna work there and that’s fine but the people who do work there are never on the clock. If lux was like every other restaurant it wouldn’t matter because there is always somewhere else but there is nowhere else you can sell your cars or buy premade/pre-upgraded cars.