Longer Effects for Alcohol

I feel that having longer effects with alcohol would expand RP for social situations. Example would be when people go to restaurants, there would be more incentive to hang out at the restaurant, if they have been drinking and dont want to drive; This would also expand RP for police officers in better traffic stops. If the effects last longer than 1 minute, cops could pull over people and do a sobriety test that wouldn’t lose the effects mid scene, since its impossible to walk a line after you’ve had an Adios Motherfucker. This would also give people who drink alcohol to fill up on their thirst more of a alcoholic look which would give lots of opening for RP for people drinking on the job. I’m sure there is more this would help with but thats it for now :slight_smile:


I agree with this, it’s currently way way too short, same for drugs. Keep the speed boost effects as they are, but expand the blurry vision and animations for much longer periods of time, cause drugs and alcohol don’t wear off in just a couple of minutes.

I absolutely agree. I have been in multiple situations where alcohol/drugs effect wears off at the most awkward situation or in the middle of a scene where my character is still suppose to be intoxicated. It kills the RP buzz. I believe that expanding the time effect would bring a lot of more interesting interractions to civilians, criminals and police.