Longer day/night

Suggestion: Make day/night cycles longer. Some activities/jobs could be done only at a certain time frame(during the day), while others can be done whenever.
How will it expand RP: It would mostly be a QOL thing, and it’s maybe more immersive

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I’d like to expand on this, since you’ve got a number of things you can only do at night, why not limit standard government jobs to daylight hours? Just close say, the smelter, lumber selling point, and refined fuel selling points off during night hours, killing some of that work grind.

Longer days and nights would mean that night events would actually feel like night events instead of multiday events, like when some of us watched Wombat go to that party in the desert and there was only a few minutes left of night and more than half the neon-lighted party took place during daylight hours and kind of killed the feel.