Less Gangs on the Server

Why do we allow any gang from anywhere in the gta universe?
I feel that creates more people only playing as crims.
Restricting people to only be in “GTA 5 specific gangs” allows a better balance.
I get the idea, “more gangs, more RP”.
I don’t see that happen however.
Based on the maturity level of most.

I bring this up because I feel not many people see the off-balance.
Not enough police? → 180 people playing a crim
Not enough EMS? → 180 people playing a crim
There is not a balance because we allow all these gangs no mater where they are from in the GTA universe.

I would also argue there is not a lot of quality roleplay civilians can really do.
Most activities are very basic(fishing/hunting) and mostly all Roleplay involves just talking and is all reactionary.
You control what kind roleplay you get out of the server but there is more focus towards gangs.

I understand the roleplay people want to get out of having these gangs.
I have also noticed a majority of people switch and play as Police that are currently in gangs. <-This is a good thing!
For those people I would ask, how long until you swap back to crim?
Main focusing as a police officer who doesn’t just work and is part of the city is what is needed not frequent duty police.

I honestly believe having a hard restriction on gangs would actually cause people to leave or actually roleplay in a way they never have before.
I believe this would be healthy for the city.
The easiest roleplay is crim I mean we can all agree most of GTAV is all crim based.

Not saying you should not be a crim, saying everyone should elevate their personal level of roleplay and focus less on GTA and more on roleplay.

I ask for Los Santos GTAV gangs only.

Asking for that sort of change is honestly like asking for PMA to be hard whitelisted.