Legal Uses For Items

There are some items that only practical use is for criminal activity, that could have additional legal uses.

Drills - Could be an expendable item that mechanics use when working on cars, or by fuelers for sealing their drums in stead of just standing and collecting.

Hammer and Wire Cutters could be expendable items for Planking wood for Lumber

Raspberries could be burner phones for making calls from unknown numbers or used by businesses to access their accounts securely.

I believe they should all be items that if a person had 1 or 2 of them on them they arent seen strictly as burglary tools and arent considered illegal unless used to actually commit a crime.

Miners need a pickaxe and washpan… other jobs could use these items and then people have more uses for the random things they find.

Give them the chance to fail so they would need to have a few… but not be required, maybe it makes the job advance faster, do 10 stacks at a time vs 1 at a time.

It would increase RP by making their be a market for these items outside of just crime, people would have more use and are less likely to just drop them on the ground.

I dont know if its in the works as part of it but I hope to see the Hammer & Wire and / or Drill used in weapon repair. or as an item need to do crafting that isnt consumed every use but has a random chance of failure like the fishing poles.