LA Roads Texture pack

Hello, while i was driving around the city i was in my head thinking of how we could implement the Real life LA road textures to add more imersion into the city, would add a totally different light to chases and driving in general, having actual parking spots that you can see, lovely intersections what people will actually stop and look at instead of blasting pass through a red light, and especially when people are taking the scenic route in walking, they will be able to admire these beautiful roads.

Link: L.A. Roads + L.A. Roads Patch [Add-On] -

This is a thought and i want to see what everyone elses opinion is on this! Many regards and have a good evening or day yall.


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This should be a user’s choice to use something like this. Not everyones PC is great and forcing an extremely high-quality graphics pack onto everyone will probably result in a lot of ‘falling through the map’ related issues where physics don’t load fast enough.

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