Judicial Branch

To the powers at hand:

My name is Oakley Brooks, and I am currently a lowly Miner in the city of Los Santos. I have an extensive legal history with police departments in cities such as IRL, and others in the FiveM District. I have 4+ years of experience in the City of IRL as a Law Enforcement Officer, with several cases going to court and requiring my testimony in order to convict said accused’s.

My proposal for the City of PMA Los Santos is to resuscitate the judicial system. I am eagerly willing to accept the burden of responsibility of bringing this required system back to the city. The city still utilizes the United States Constitution as proven by your officers reading arrestees their Miranda Rights upon arrest. Within those rights are stated, “if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the state.” That being said, it is the citizen’s constitutional right to have a fair and speedy trial and be given their due process. At the moment in the city, citizens upon arrest are deemed guilty and sentenced unfairly. This is a clear violation of one’s constitutional rights. It is the citizen’s constitutional right to be heard and innocent until proven guilty.

Now that the introduction is laid out, here is my plan of execution for said proposal; Currently there is a courthouse in the city, that to my knowledge is vacant. The END goal would be to have staffing in the city for Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Judges, etc for the full extent of the Judicial system. That being said, there is an immediate course of action that requires the least amount of startup labor. That would be to have a presiding judge, such as myself or a former city lawyer, sit and mediate the cases between officer and defendant. For example, said accused gets arrested and read Miranda Warning on the scene, like they always have been. If stated that they plead not guilty, they would be transported to the courthouse by the arresting officer. They would sit in a mediation room with a legal attorney such as myself and one at a time, state their case. If probable cause existed for arrest, said accused would be sentenced as normal by the officer. If the legal expert determines that the required probable cause does not exist, then said case would be dismissed, and said accused would be released from the courthouse.

This would halt all illegal prosecution without representation. Once the staffing gets to an adequate number, then we would proceed with trials with Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors. This could EVENTUALLY open the door to plea deals, evidence examination, and more. This all may seem like a heavy workload to the powers at be, however, the only thing changing as of now would be the route officers take to the police station after an arrest, only IF the accused pleads not guilty.

It was brought to my attention that the problems faced by the old Judicial branch were unfair processing. I, Oakley Brooks, do solemnly swear to uphold the laws of PMA Los Santos and treat each case individually and fairly to not violate the citizen’s rights but to uphold the laws set in place by the government. I have been thoroughly impressed by the PMA Government and its set of laws and rules. However, those laws are mute and pointless if these citizens are not held to these laws fairly. I understand that the Police Department has an exceptional police force. However, with any government body, they need checks and balances. I can offer these services and work strictly in the courthouse, and be able to work as the mediator for the accused.

The benefit to the powers of PMA Los Santos would be made very apparent if this court system was revitalized. The city would become a powerhouse to all others, which would generate significantly more citizen traffic. I can speak from a personal perspective that a judicial system is a very highly sought-after infrastructure in cities. It can be used as marketing in the city slogan in the FiveM Yellowpages.