Job Experience/Level system

Adding an xp/leveling system to the jobs so by doing something alot it will benefit you in some way. Maybe by getting paid more per stop as a garbage truck driver. Or making you mine more/having a better work vehicle that holds more stones.

I don’t think this would fix anything, it would just make everything generally easier and add another level of difficulty with balancing jobs.

Here’s the economy rework that I originally proposed in the membership chats (copy and pasted)

Some some a current dilemma for the new hunter job, is that currently doesn't feed into anything it's generally just, shoot the animal, cut it's body up for pelt.

But after that everything just goes in the direction of ‘sell it to this npc’, for every job.

My current idea to fix that is for their to just be a general ‘Marketplace’ where people can put up certain items up for sell, and other people can buy them to use in their job (though they would have to go to whichever location they were sold at).

This would address quite a few issues that we currently have:

  • There’s currently not a lot of supply & demand
  • Sometimes its hard to get certain resources for specific jobs because they make more money selling it to npcs
  • Every job would rely on another job
  • Resource prices would scale based off of their general demand

This would probably be our general economy rework.

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