Jerry Can (Gasoline)

Description of the Issue: Ability to buy a Jerry Can from a gas pump when not having any/enough cash
Expected Results: If you attempt to buy a jerry can while not being able to pay the required 100, it should deny the purchase (with a message, of course(
Actual Results: You are able to buy the Jerry Can regardless and your character gets charged an amount that is far greater than 100, making the cash in your pockets go negative.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have less than 100 USD cash (or no money at all)
  2. Walk up to a gas pump at a gas station and press E to buy a jerry can

Video Link of the Issue.

Initially I bought the Jerry can by accident when I had 81 USD cash and didn’t notice the issue until I attempted to withdraw money to buy an item from the nearby store - upon withdrawing money from the ATM, it didn’t appear in my inventory so I checked how much I had and I saw it was negative.