I have been crashing and not able to fly in

i keep getting this error when i fly in

[Window Title]
Error GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_1410362A0 (0xa3)

[Main Instruction]
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_1410362A0 (0xa3)

An error at GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_1410362A0 (0xa3) caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers.

Legacy crash hash: harry-floor-sweet
Stack trace:
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_1410362A0 (0xa3)
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_141036218 (0x23)
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_140FE6268 (0x409)
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_140FF532C (0x142)
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_14102F2F0 (0x4e)
extra-natives-five.dll!CPedEquippedWeapon_SetupAsWeapon (0x187) (WeaponExtraNatives.cpp:195)
GTA5_b2372.exe!sub_140FF69D0 (0x118)

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: GTA5_b2372.exe+1036343
Report ID: si-edba01ae4c184f79bae843515303247a
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