Hunting System Variety

The hunting system could be improved.

The respawn of each animals could be reduced, I mean right now, I can kill two deer, I can move 100 feet away and poof two more deer just respawn there in less than a minute. It removes the excitement of actually moving around the map looking for your preys. Right now you can stay in the same 200 feet radius and get infinite pelts.

The other improvement that can be added is meat. Having different type of meat when killing different animals, to then sell it at different places (different price per places). Also different pelts. For example, a higher price for coyote pelt than rabbit pelt.

Restaurant could buy the meat from us for a bigger profit than the locals could offer us.

Also another thing, is to remove the crosshair on the hunting rifle. It would make hunting harder and more realistic.

My suggestion is just to make hunting have a bit more variety.