How to Report Bugs

This section is used for bugs caused by scripts, or cars.

This is not for crash reports, connection issues, or anything of the sort.

Reproduce the Issue: Please try to reproduce your issues atleast 3 times, If you can’t reproduce it, it’s highly likely that we won’t be able to reproduce it either. If we cannot reproduce your issue, the bug report will be deleted.

Be Specific: Be as descriptive as possible with the issue you that you’re encountering. Being vague like “x is broken” will result in your bug report being deleted and you being given a warning for misuse of the channel. We have a lot on our plate, we try to juggle a lot of things, so please help us help you.

Describe symptoms not wild guesses: Give us the issue and how you’re able to reproduce it, don’t give us what you think is wrong.

Don’t report known issues: When making a report you get options to see other issues that match what you’re posting, if your issue has already been reported, please instead go to that topic and like it to let us know that this issue isn’t isolated.