How about more Fish-resturants?

Suggestion: As for now there is one place that you can sell fish at up in Paleto Bay but there is two places you can buy fishing equipment from. I´d like if there was more spread out places to sell. Here is one suggestion. Considering this is still close to the one maybe it could be moved here and have another placed more close to the big city?
How will it expand RP: Having buying equipment/selling fish/ fishing so close makes the grind a bit lonley. If that is all you do the chance of finding someone to talk to is lower. Spreading things out and adding more places I hope would allow for meeting more people and making fishin less stale.

My guess is that this would require someone to open up and run the business, like other businesses
But I do think that the prices of fish need some adjustment. It’s so unprofitable, that people just aren’t gonna do it for a job and supply those businesses even if they do open