Home-Sweet-Home Cooking!

Suggestion: If there was a way to cook in apartments/homes or even on a bbq grill out in public using ingredients that you can buy at a grocery store / produce stand it could improve civilian rp by giving more things to do at home. I know one issue people would have with the idea is that it would take away from restaurant rp but people still eat at restaurants in real life when they can cook at home because of convenience. Also, to counter act bulk cooking there could be a timer bar like cooking at restaurants but a longer one. Also if you could only hold a certain number of the ingredients at once to prevent spam buying ingredients. Another way to make it more realistic is if the food would go bad over time so you would have to eat it within a couple days of cooking.

How will it expand RP: This could expand the rp of anyone who does relationship/social/family orientated rp. By cooking at home this opens the door to more scenarios like dinner dates at home, family get-togethers, and more! One example of this would be if you’re dating someone and you wanted to meet their family members, instead of going to a restaurant you could eat at the comfort and privacy of your apartment making memories at the place not too many people use currently.