GTA RP Server Rules

Welcome to PMA-RP!

These are the general server rules.

PMA-RP is age restricted to players above the age of 18.

All rules are subject to change at any time. Staff will always have the final say in any situation.

You must have a working microphone to play on PMA-RP!

Your microphone should always be on push to talk! Should you need help with setting up your microphone, please ask in the tech-support channel on the discord and a community member or staff will help you whenever possible.

You are expected to have a decent microphone. People should be able to understand you and not hear what’s going on in your background.

Breaking any of the rules will result in corrective measured that are subject to staff’s discretion.

These rules do not restrict staff’s ability to punish ‘common sense’ rules like being respectful, don’t VDM or RDM, Don’t be an idiot, and make a unique character.

Staff is not allowed to reimburse lost items.

Common Terminology

  • Out of Character (OOC) - Something not related to roleplay.
  • Powergaming - Softly defined as to do things unrealistically or in an unfair manner (like hiding bodies).
  • Random Death Match (RDM) - Killing another player without a proper roleplay reason
  • Vehicle Death Match (VDM) - Killing another player with a vehicle.
  • Fail RP - Softly defined as not roleplaying properly (failing to fear for life, breaking character, etc)
  • Metagaming - Using OOC forms of communication to gain in-character knowledge
  • Combat Logging - Leaving the city while involved in an active scenario

Table of Contents

Community Rules

  1. Don’t break character:

    • There will be no ‘god’ talk when in the city.
    • There will be no talks about discord.
    • There will be no ‘live eyes’ talk.
    • There will be no ‘in my head’ if you need to go AFK walk away from the area and do /e phone.
    • There will be no ‘cousin’ talk’, you don’t know about your other characters.
    • There will be no ‘reported’ or ‘prayer’ talk, if you’re going to report someone you’re free to do so, don’t break other player’s immersion.
  2. Being or Breeding toxicity within the community will result in you being removed from the community.

    • Don’t take things personally
    • Don’t harass people based on their sex or sexual orientation.
    • Don’t be toxic because you lost a situation.
    • Don’t use any sort of derogatory slang, regardless of your own race/sexuality.
  3. All RP must be within the Twitch Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct

  4. Common Sense Rules:

    • Don’t kill another player without a proper roleplay reason.
    • Don’t use your vehicle as a weapon.
    • Don’t combat log.
  5. Any player caught harassing, bullying, or making sexual comments in an unacceptable manner towards another player, or outside of the server, but in relation to their presence on the server will be removed from the community.

    • Sexual harassment is never okay on any level.
    • There needs to be consent to explicit sexual remarks on both sides.
    • If there is no consent and someone is trying to leave or remove themselves from the conversation/scene, then shut it down and move on with your storyline. If you continue trying to pursue this line of conversation, you risk a ban.
  6. Speaking poorly of others on stream, in chats, or elsewhere is not allowed. If you have an issue with a person and they broke a rule, please make a ticket, otherwise, roleplay it out.

  7. You MUST always stay in character at ALL TIMES, if you need to go ooc use /me.

General Rules

  1. Abusing any glitches/bugs will result in an instant and permanent ban (with no appeal).

  2. All jobs are to be done in the provided job vehicle.

  3. Every scene is limited to 5 players (3 cars in the case of PD).

    • Exceptions:
      • Big Bank (7 players on each side)
      • PD Raids (uncapped)
  4. Don’t interject yourself into players active scenes

  5. You CANNOT use a server restart/crash to gain an advantage such as (but not limited to):

    • Escaping police custody
    • To avoid Roleplay with someone else
    • When a restart is announced any new robberies will be deemed Fail RP.
  6. You cannot use helicopters/planes without getting proper training beforehand and gaining a pilots license.

  7. You only have a ‘bodycam’ when having a camera (like /cam or your phone out), unless you are police.

  8. Civilians cannot wear body armor (like kevlar) or heavy facemasks (gas masks, heavy helmet, etc) unless you have a proper roleplay reason (like robbing a bank)

  9. You cannot force EMS or PD to revive a player.

  10. Any trading of items from non-whitelisted jobs, must be done offsite from the workplace

    • Take it to a garage or a meetup spot that is away from the working area
  11. When you are inside or infiltrating a building, you CANNOT camp the entrance to that building.

    • Give everyone a chance to load the building/instance

Value of Life

  1. You MUST fear for your life and the live(s) of other players (so long as it doesn’t put your life at stake)

    • You cannot draw a weapon when being held at gunpoint
    • You cannot run at someone who has a ranged weapon when you have a melee weapon.
    • You cannot run/attack someone with a gun pointed at your head.
    • You have to comply with demands if your life is under threat.
  2. Value your Freedom:

    • Don’t drive at high speeds trying to bait cops to pull you over
    • Don’t randomly shoot at cops to bait them into a gunfight.
    • Don’t randomly shoot to get cops to come to an area.
  3. Only you & staff can force you to Perma your character.

    • If you Perma your character, you cannot use it again, you must delete it.


  1. Any form of stream sniping/using information from a stream will result in a ban.

  2. You cannot transfer information/items/weapons/cars between characters:

    • Any information gained on one character, is only known to that character
    • You have no recollection that your other characters exist, don’t mention them at all.
  3. Discord information does not translate into character information:

    • You cannot use any information gathered from discord for any means. A member of staff NEEDS to be in every PMA business discord. If you are a new business and would like a discord, please contact a community manager.


  1. You can kill or rob, not both.

    • If the individual you are robbing does not fear you can kill them
  2. You cannot use your vehicle as a weapon in any offensive manner.

    • Using your vehicle in a defensive manner is only allowed if there’s no other way out
      • If there’s a way to get out of a situation without running someone over you must take that action instead
      • You cannot use your vehicle in a ‘defensive’ manner in the fear of someone else’s life, you can only do it out of fear for your own
        • Example of what would be permissible: There are four individuals at legion blocking the exit (blocking your only way out), all having obvious hostile intent, and not allowing anyone out of legion.
        • Example of what would get you banned: My friend was being chased by cops so I ran them over.
  3. You cannot transfer money or cars if you decide to leave the community, doing so gives another player a massive advantage over other players which they would not have gained otherwise.

  4. You cannot forcefully dismember or mutilate another player:

    • You MUST get permission before attempting any dismemberment or mutilation.
    • You cannot force a player to lose vital parts of their body.
  5. You cannot Hit & Run a store

    • You have to give officers an appropriate amount of time to respond to the call.
  6. You cannot rob another player without a valid reason

    • When robbing someone you should have prior interactions which lead up to you robbing them
    • Example:
      • If Gang A [OR PD] wants to start shit with Gang B [OR PD]. Heated conversations can scale to getting robbed.
      • Talking shit, scales to beef, scales to possible robbery.
  7. You cannot coordinate the start of robberies at the same time.

  8. You cannot pass weapons or items in an unrealistic manner:

    • You cannot pass through walls
    • You cannot pass onto roofs
    • You cannot pass through gates.
    • Please use common sense.
  9. You cannot call a job in order to get them to respond, just to rob them or take them hostage.

  10. You cannot use fake hostages for the use in anything:

    • Fake hostages are hostages that have a choice in becoming a hostage
  11. You cannot force a player to revive at grandma’s.


  1. Be Realistic with your injury:

    • Don’t talk if your injury would prevent it
    • If you broke a bone, act as you did so.
  2. You cannot re-engage with a person/gang that leads to your death for 25 minutes.

  3. When getting “killed”, you may only remember details about your death if revived by EMS at Pillbox or a gang-member’s grandma.

    • If EMS cannot get to your body or if you press ‘E’ to respawn at Pillbox without EMS assistance, you keep your items but cannot remember anything nor use any information from the scene.