Gas Can issue When storing in a car

Description of the Issue: The issue I have found is that when I put a gas can into my trunk I end up with the gas can stuck in my inventory and one in the car that I can’t use.
Expected Results: Storage of Gas can
Actual Results: Adds one gas can to car inventory and leaves one in my inventory. After this if i try to drop the can it reapears in my inventory.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Buy a Gas can.
  2. Store in vehicle.
  3. Open inventory to see you still have a gas can.

This issue was found when trying to place in the trunk of a Ubamarch Rebla Gts. I have not testing this with other vehicles.

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I attempted to alert Chris about this when I found out about it a week or two ago. Didn’t have time to figure out how the Forums worked at the time because of college stuff, and I spent some time trying to reproduce the glitch with different vehicles to make sure it wasn’t just mine, and then also trying to see if it was something that was maybe just “my eyes”, and found that it does in fact actually dupe the item. Luckily I think it only works on gas cans from what I figured out, and can be quite annoying because you can’t refill your gas can when this glitch happens, and you end up having to try putting it in a trunk, or dropping it, or whatever you can do. But nothing works, as it will consistently reappear in your inventory with 4500 full gas. It’s a weird bug, and when I saw Chris make the announcement today that some people had been duping it reminded me of this issue. Glad to see someone brought it up. (Hopefully he saw my messages and I wasn’t one of the “veteran players” who have been banned lol. Guess I’ll find out this evening. I did DM Chris a gif of this, if anyone in development / staff would like that gif forwarded to them, let me know.