Garbage pickup davis avenue

Description of the Issue: the davis avenue garbage pickup spot is at the wrong place youd have to keep climbing over a wall while it can be moved to the bin thats the pickup
Expected Results: the spot is not in the back but in the front
Actual Results: the spot is in the back
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. do garbage job
  2. get pickup location davis avenue
  3. you’ll see whats wrong

it seems to be moved now i got the bin at the back as location now but idk if that will always happen Nope just got it at the front again

Sorry for the late reply, I’ll take a look at this in the morning.

no problem for me it works there for the most part but the one in the at vinewood hills with the 5 ally’s connecting to it got my truck stuck yesterday and had to wait for someone to come

This one? If you could /coord and get me that, that’d be helpful there are multiple on davis.

yeah its that one

the other one is vinewood blvd and alta street near galaxy club

the gap to that one on alta and vinewood blvd is to small most trucks get stuck there

So is this an issue with you not getting the truck in? I know there is the “meta” way to be the most efficient at money per hour. However I have tested all of these circles when I initially put them in and sometimes you just gotta walk for the trash. There should be multiple ways to get into these places, some of them are placed in a way that its meant to be more difficult to stop it from being a pump and dump job. I’ll run them again.

In the screenshot above the circle was right in front of that middle trash can. That alley by that trashcan is fully accessible and there is plenty of room to move into there without coming in from the left, or from behind it.

no its not the allyway is to small for the truck in the other one at alta and vinewood so trucks get stuck often its the ally with the fence and where u gotta go through the fence to get to the spot but the fence usually gets the truck stuck

cus theres a little ledge there yk when we back up our trucks they get stuck on the little ledge most times