Gangs teaming up together

Suggestion: I feel like gangs should start getting warnings about teaming up together . I know we just had a meeting about it but I still see it around the city and it’s honestly not something that should be happening . I understand we all have friends in the city but in a gang you rep that gang and only that one . you dont hold hands with others you hold your own .
How will it expand RP: I feel like this will help gangs actually focus more on being a gang and bring more RP and make it more immersive rather than seeing gangs working together/helping each other out . If friends want to hang out then they shouldn’t rep their colors when doing so , I feel that’s different . Other than that they need to support their gang and their gang only .

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Sorry for the late reply.

We are working on solutions to prevent this from happening. Alot of inner workings are being done to make sure that loyalty to your own gang comes first and foremost in such a way that helping or teaming up with another gang will effectively have negative results.

Thank you for your suggestion we are taking it under advisement.

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