Gangs having werkday

So, just as jobs have werkday where employers can post announcements of company issues, requests, and news. I believe having something on the tablet with the same kind of idea as this for gangs would be an awesome avenue to increase RP and get away from the discord.
If each gang lead could have the main “email” and it would work as an “email” system
so people could actually read their “emails” IN CITY.

Similar to what they have in life invader, this would be available to non blooded members as well. Gangs could add associates to their “email system” and give them tasks while they are away, etc.

So in theory, in city, this would be treated as an email system where gangs can communicate with each other. Leaders can post announcements and possibly the gang can converse between each other in a bulletin chat type of way.

I think this could help RP because again, this could get rid of discord all together, and would be a great way for gangs to communicate.

I believe/hope the focus currently is to stop bringing around associates who aren’t going to be blooded in. As you can see they just raised the gang limit to 15 people. As you stated already, you can make announcements currently on the gang computer and schedule meetings. That’s where I believe it should stay. I don’t think it’d make much sense for gangs to be discussing business on an app due to fear of the PD.

If you don’t plan on blooding them in I don’t think associates should have access to sensitive information.