Gangs Calling For Backup

Okay so this doesn’t apply to starting situations. I still think only 5 should be able to start stuff, 7 for big bank.

But it has to be equal. If a gang kills the five cops that were apart of a situation, then 10 more show up, gangs should be allowed to also call for backup. It’s not really fair or realistic to keep them restricted to 5 when cops can keep showing up to situations they were never apart of.

Gangs would also radio for backup but only when more officers start showing up from the original five/seven.

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This sounds more like criminals killing cops and taking a long time to clear the scene. PD usually sends cops in afterward to secure the scene after the criminals have left but if you take a long time to clear the scene, you will likely end up with this happening a lot.

The police are needed for the city to function, so after your scene/shootout finishes you should try to leave as fast as possible so PD can pick up the fallen people and get them back on duty.

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That’s not the reason I suggest it. The reason is cause they keep coming or they all come at once. So if they can have 8+ at one time I think it would be fair to allow crimes to match numbers

I would try talking with the police chief about this then, so it can be fixed at the core.