Gang work update ideas

Suggestion:so that job that came with the gang system (the drug one) I think its pretty chill and I quite enjoy doing it but I think it needs maybe a bit of a pay bump? I nothing crazy just something to at least put it on par with legal jobs? also maybe more locations within all of the gang territory’s and possibly an option or way to skip a drop off, maybe each drop off could also have like a 10% chance or something to alert the police so it doesn’t turn into a full on uber eats simulator lol

How will it expand RP: could create some good gang disputes with drop off’s in other gangs turf, but also with the option to skip so its not forced to drop off in another gang turf (maybe the pay raise could come from doing a drop off within another gangs turf other then your own?)

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I have a priority list of things to polish, I’ll add this to the list of reworks/polish/revisit.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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