Fully Functioning Fire Department

Aug '22 - Not sure if this has been brought up before but probably a good chance it has, it would be amazing if this city brought in a fully functioning fire department(s). Create the job and I’m certain people will line up to be apart of this. Add MLO’s that open up the fire department buildings, allow the trucks to be utilized, and have firemen show up to a number of calls such as:

  1. Car Fires/Other Fire Incidents
  2. Emergency Calls that EMT’s receive in the city
  3. Explosions, etc.
    It may require more situations that could involve a fire breaking out but honestly that’s not entirely necessary because currently there are situations that a fire department could be included in. The RP that would come from this would create a more realistic environment and another job that citizens could take part in to earn clean money and have a lot of fun while doing it.