[FIXED] Missing $$ and Bags

Description of the Issue: Buying 125 plastic bags @ 10per with $5k left me with $-273 and bags disappeared.
Expected Results: To have $4750 left over and 125 bags in my inventory
Actual Results: $-273 left over 0 bags in inventory
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to gas station in Mirror Park
  2. Top off cash to $5000
  3. Drag bags into inventory and select 125
  4. Close Inventory
  5. Walk away to guardian
  6. Open guardian and discover.

Look, I don’t know if this reproduces because I don’t really wanna lose another $5k I know it ain’t much but I’m sure you guys will figure all this out anyways. Also if any gd govt officials are reading this, I was making sandwiches to store in my guardian and needed the bags for that! GD It quit tryin to ef with us workin folk!

Oh just went and tried to get more money from atm to get out of neg and when I left the atm it still shows $-273… Maybe my char is bugged. Tried again to withdraw same thing. Restarted game a couple times no still -273… Maybe I’ll clear the cache next.

More info: I got out another 5k still -273 so I was like ef it, Ima go buy some red bull so I could run and change some cars to the house garage, and when I bought those 5 redbull my cash stayed -273 so I kinda figured its keeping tab somewhere of my cash in bag so I bought 125 more baggies and they’re staying in inventory now and money is still looking like -273. There must be a couple different storage locations for $$

Was this fixed in the latest update?

This was fixed yesterday at some point. I think the earlier restart.