[FIXED] Item Duping in trunks

Description of the Issue: Certain shoes were duplicating inside of personal inventory when attempting to move them into a vehicle. /fixinv did not fix the issue, and the duplicate shoes were physical and able to be dropped.
Expected Results: Move 1 pair of shoes to a vehicle inventory
Actual Results: 1 extra shoe kept getting added into personal inventory. Started with one “Jade Rose shoe” and ended with 4 physical shoes
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Move the shoe to a vehicle inventory.
  2. Move another item from the vehicle inventory to personal inventory or vice versa
  3. Shoe reappears back in your inventory and the original shoe is still in the vehicle.

This should’ve been fixed in the latest update can you confirm this?

I just saw the Announcement about this duping, i put this up previously in the bug report and for a while it had been fixed.

But yes, the same way to do it did happen again the other night, i managed to dupe 3 compact rifles, i do not plan to exploit this and was waiting for a response before disposing of these guns ( my character is a law abiding citizen) so i had no plans to use these in the first place.

If you would like me to explore replicating the method and reporting back to you i am willing to do everything i can to help. I’m at Los Santos Customs Harmony if you wanna pop in and take this gun off my hands :slight_smile:

Just bought Vodka and placed it in my trunk. Closed the trunk, opened my inventory and still had the 14 in my pockets and 14 in my truck. Shut the game down, r eopened it and still had 28 vodka so it stayed duped. Swapping characters also didn’t take away the extra 14 vodka.

I have experienced the exact issue as it is described above today when putting vodka into my trunk it has remained in my personal inventory. I attempted to remove the item again and it stacked to twice the amount. I swapped character to get rid of the items in my personal inventory but the duplication is still in my trunk.

@Unwritten @Xero Can y’all confirm that this is still happening after the latest round of fixes?

Apologies for the late reply. This issue no longer occurs.