[FIXED] Gun Durability Reset

Description of the Issue: So I am a cadet for PD and I noticed my guns durability was getting low so I place it into my cop car’s trunk and impounded went and bought another figured I would switch it out this way I have a backup incase my current one breaks while on a call. When I went to get my gun out of the car it was at 100% durability it reset.

Expected Results: Gun’s durability to reset,
Actual Results: Gun’s durability to reset to 100%
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Place the gun in the car
  2. impound/park car
  3. retrieve the car
  4. now your gun is back at 100%

Not a bug currently, it was a fix to another bug where guns durability would tick down every time you opened your trunk, which led to the durability going negative, a quick fix for it was to reset durability when put into the trunk.

Ah okay sorry about the ticket then, how do I close it?

Just say it wasn’t an issue, the code for all of this was put in on the latest restart so weapons wont automatically delete either, and wont reset in durability.