[FIXED] All scaleforms are breaking (robbery, heli, etc)

Description of the Issue: When you board Medivac as an EMS and go to use the camera, all that happens is makes your view distorted like you would be looking through the camera, but the camera UI does not open nor can you change the camera modes. Also the distorted look stays with you until you log out or switch characters.

Expected Results: Camera to fully function and be able to cycle through the different camera modes (night vision, infrared, zooming etc.)

Actual Results: See above description for actual results

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Spawn Medivac
  2. Board medivac
  3. Try and use the camera using ā€œeā€

This is a @Saxy issue as it only happens after loading the Textures for gangs.

What resource is this under? EMS? PD?

It would be under the heli script, it also breaks the news camera.

Saxy fixed in one of the newer hotfixs