Extra keys for houses

Suggestion “Would be really cool to be able to have multiple people live in a house, maybe like 100 for house and 50 for a extra set of keys…?
How will it expand RP “ easy, This would expand RP by introducing a roommate aspect both that relationship dynamic in dealing with eachother and having to trust that person will not steal from storage, also you would interact when running in and out of the house.
Maybe couple RP would be a little more immersive in dealing with the same things.

Example: say two gang members live together and one is a grinder and one is less the grinder could be worried that the other guy will take things from storage meaning their relationship needs to be strong in order to live together.


I absolutely agree and I think it is very important. After all, dating RP is very popular, people want to move in together. Maybe someone else would want to rent rooms and earn additional cash from it. Maybe someone wants to live with their co-workers. Or imagine, a couple breaks up and someone kicks someone out of home, and you welcome your sad and depressed friend to live on your couch. Key sharing actually can add a lot to both relationship development, RP conflicts and etc.