EMS Rework Idea


What if EMS could CRAFT meds? Like they had to actually make the Adderall and other drugs…

What if EMS were given like 5 basic drugs they could make. 1. local anesthesia 2. Shots of Electrolytes 3. Morphine 4. Generic antibiotic 5. Generic Pain Killer

These meds would be something EMS can craft and stock up in a storage instead of just having this magical store of meds.

Example of this? >> to make the electrolyte booster shot > Sodium chloride, Water, Sugar, Potassium chloride.

Also, If the local anesthesia would make you completely black out for like 15 seconds while EMS are working on you, just like Nancy makes you do.

How will it expand RP :

EMS RP the morphine as “local anesthesia” now to avoid dealing with people who are “allergic to everything”. This leads to confusion as well as immersion breaking moments when people who are streaming on twitch have to pretend the “morhpine” is a “local anesthetic”

EMS struggles because the job gets daunting just having to deal with people all the time. The new jobs helped give EMS some random tasks to do like mopping the floors, etc.
Adding something like this would make EMS work a bit more fun, more realistic, and would open opportunities in RP for a pharmaceutical side of pillbox.