Drugs > Redbull

I know there is purpose for the energy drinks being taken out, which is cool. Not sure if you have this plan or idea yet but I just wanted to throw in a suggestion as it makes sense.

What if Meth made you run forever. If you have ever seen those videos of people on meth they seem to have unlimited stamina and can go on forever. Maybe Meth could replace Red Bull and give you 5 minute of unlimited endurance.

Cocaine usually just gives you a burst of energy for a little bit and doesn’t do much for endurance. Then cocaine could replace the Energy Drinks and give you a quicker burst of energy making you run faster for short amount of time before you crash back down to normal.

Both drugs having a good purpose like this makes them more of a demand on the street, which would require criminals to get and sell more drugs to people. (Again not sure if that is the plan or anything I just know I have tried Meth a few times IC and it didn’t seem to have an effect. Others have said the same when I ask them as well which led me to believe it could have more value and use.)

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Meth for sure has a huge effect in city, many just don’t know what it does. I don’t see them making meth even better than it currently is.