DoC - 10 Codes Not appearing for us

Frank Commisso

  • I previously put in a ticket about DoC not receiving 10-13a / 10-13b / 10-99 codes. Jonas said this was resolved but it still is not. Just had a DoC go down and he pressed his 10-13a code and we did not get any “notification pop up”. PD then asked what the status of the 10-13a was… and we were all confused.(edited)

KaylonGrace Today at 2:48 AM

Hello! Can any Moderator test and confirm this is still not working?

Hopper Today at 3:01 AM

Can confirm DOC doesn’t get the calls
Just tested it

KaylonGrace Today at 3:05 AM

AVTEKGUY | Frank Can you post this in the #:bug:┃bug-reports as well for developers? I’ll also bring in an Admin to see if they might know what is causing the issue

I don’t think it was ever designed for DoC to get any calls at all, this would be more of a feature request.

This makes for very awkward RP. When a DoC gets attacked or goes down. It would be ideal to see a 10-13a notification popup to all other DoC on Duty so we can be alert and try to figure out what it was for.

Like it is now we are all left in the dark until PD radio’s to us (If they do) about a 10-13a being dropped.

This has been added to the trello → Trello