Decay rates / mechanics

I’m all for the new decay rates and item limits. I feel it adds value to food vendors, item repairers, and general relism as well. Issues I have are most likely growing pains and will work themselves out over time, I have no doubt. But I’d like to give my thoughts on decay rates in particular when coming to packaged drinks and liquor.

Packaged drinks:

Things like water, cola, red bull, and monster drinks are vacuumed packed, most likely bottled with a nitrogen purge to eliminate O2 shortening shelf life should not be decaying for years. Certainly the amount of time we log in and out to sleep or whatever.


I’m happy with foods, I think they should obviously be decaying quickly.


I mean these are items which get better with age. If anything the decay on these items should improve the length of buff durations. The idea of alcohol decaying in its packaging is completely immersion breaking imo. It causes me to trip out every time it happens, in my head I’m thinkin wtf, let me go grab my 12 year Elijah Craig and see how bad it tastes after sitting on my shelf for a few years. Oh come on you guys know I can’t have whisky in my house longer than a week! But you catch my drift I’m sure. Lets fix the liquor so when I wake up I don’t see a bunch of -vodka -whiskys and seeing them disappear when I stick them into truck.

Thanks again for all the hard work yall are doing. It does not go without notice and I understand yall are busting your asses even as I type this to get everything where it needs to be.

Tommy “Pops” Sunshine

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I was actually thinking the same thing about this, and I’m glad someone brought it up. Certain items just don’t make sense to have this kind of decay rate.

Going to close this as we’re not planning on turning item decay back on until we do some rewrite for the inventory.

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