Danny Welcome Center

Since joining the server recently, I know how confusing and embarrassing it can be to be a danny without the knowledge to succeed in the city from the go. This gave me the idea of a Danny Welcome Center, and yes I know the job center is a helpful resource right now as far as you might catch someone there that you can have show you around if you’re lucky or you could at least get started with a job you might know nothing about, but it’s hard for danny’s to know the key RP of the city and how to succeed here, let alone to know how to communicate properly, the local spots, some tips and tricks, and meet some people to not only make friends but also understand the politics of the city.

What I’m proposing is a place with just that. A centralized building that all the dannys are directed to and/or spawned in to cover everything from “putting on your eyebrows” to the lingo of the city, tips and tricks of how to get started and what to do once you get yourself some money, some of the OOC things you need to know that many people neglect to read in the discord but that they can’t deny they didn’t hear it from a physical person at the welcome center when they fly in. Let me break it down and organize my thoughts the best I can.

#F = Feature in order from start to finish
RP = How this will benefit the RP of multiple players

1F - Dressing Room - Will be hosted by one welcome center employee to instruct the dannys on initial questions with wardrobe, eyebrows, and keeps the group in there until there are ‘X’ number of players ready or if all players in the room are ready (whichever is less at that time)
RP - This would not only get the dannys talking right away by navigating them around in groups and break the ice but it would also make sure that their key wardrobe features are in place.

2F - Welcome Group - The welcome group will be a room with visual aids on the wall to show you the key lingo around the city, jobs you can have, common extra cirriculars to rp, fun hints to things you might be able to rp around and find out about that are of interest, and will be hosted by one welcome center employee to make sure the visual aids are explained verbally, questions are answered, and elaborate on key tips and tricks that aren’t otherwise explained or obvious to the danny. You will maintain your group as previously stated above to cut down on how often this information has to be relayed.
RP - This continues the theme of maintaining your group not only for functionality and order but also to get the new danny very familiar with at least 4 other friends to know around the city starting out and potentially create some bonds right from the start exploring the city! This is obviously also a KEY to maintaining successful RP for everyone else in the city as well and doesn’t ruin any scenes due to a lack of essential RP knowledge.

3F - Guided Tour - This is the final stage of the welcome centers services. Your group will exit the Welcome Group Room and will be escorted by their Tour Guide to an SUV out front for a quick tour of the city. This includes how to drive around the city as well as some necessary RP tips and acceptable exceptions, show the key buildings of the city and explain how the services work and when to go where, and get the new dannys talking even more.
RP - This will expand on the RP benefits from the Welcome Group feature as it gives useful tips and tricks to key spots around the city and driving etiquette to improve the RP scenes for not only the dannys but for the whole city.

Again I know currently you might be able to meet someone once you fly in to know to get a job or if you’re really lucky someone might adopt you and take all their time for one person to show you this exact process and hope they don’t miss anything. I just deeply think that this process could be greatly improved for both RP and UI in general but also to organize the entire process and assure that every single danny and vet are on the same page!

I would love to collaborate on this idea with someone if you think it has good bones and I am open to any and all ideas!

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