Courthouse Stuck in City Records Menu

Description of the Issue:
When I access the City Records Menu in the Courthouse I get stuck in the menu. There is no way to get out of the menu and you are locked in place. ESC, F2 or Z do not work. And there is a no clear place on the menu to get out of it. I did it 3 times, in all instances I was stuck in the menu with no clear way to get out of it. On my menu it says “City Records” and “Citizens” on it. I cannot tell if it is a one off issue.

Expected Results:
Get out of menu

Actual Results:
Stuck in menu

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Courthouse
  2. Go to where it says Press E to view city records to the left when you enter
  3. Press E to enter Menu
  4. Try to leave

Potential Solution:
In case it is something that is only on my end - I still would recommend having another method of closing the menu other than just with the keyboard. And if there is, it is not clear where the close button is.

The key for closing that menu is F5 Brother :heart: Thank me Later