Courthouse Stuck in City Records Menu

Description of the Issue:
When I access the City Records Menu in the Courthouse I get stuck in the menu. There is no way to get out of the menu and you are locked in place. ESC, F2 or Z do not work. And there is a no clear place on the menu to get out of it. I did it 3 times, in all instances I was stuck in the menu with no clear way to get out of it. On my menu it says “City Records” and “Citizens” on it. I cannot tell if it is a one off issue.

Expected Results:
Get out of menu

Actual Results:
Stuck in menu

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Courthouse
  2. Go to where it says Press E to view city records to the left when you enter
  3. Press E to enter Menu
  4. Try to leave

Potential Solution:
In case it is something that is only on my end - I still would recommend having another method of closing the menu other than just with the keyboard. And if there is, it is not clear where the close button is.