Cops Numbers Render Crims Weak

Put a max number of units allowed to respond to any given call. I hit a gas station and literally had like 4 cars show up with 2 people to a car. It was a 2 man robbery… This Is just unfair because even if we had 4 people we’re outnumbered by at least double. Cops don’t have to worry about crashing or dying as they have 3-4 more units that can take their place whenever they want. The number of cops on a scene should be limited to the same capacity as criminals are limited. This will make criminals have a better shot at either escaping or winning a shootout if they have proper planning. Instead of just having 4 cop cars pit you into walls at high speed or have a shootout where its a 10v4. and if you kill even 5 they’re just gonna call backup.

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