Chopping Vehicles

*In this server, being official is a achievement every gang is looking forward to. The gangs that are official in the server, should be able to chop vehicles at certain areas in the map. Places that are pretty secluded from the populated areas. Players can steal cars and take them to the official gangs of the server. The gang members will make chop the car for them and also get a % of the money. High class car more pay and low class car less pay. This gains more roleplay with criminal rp and also is a great way for players that want to go crim, They have something to start with. Example, Let’s say my car was stolen, and the chop shops were a thing in the server. I’ll go to all the chop shops around the map to search for my vehicle before the gang chops it. When a car gets chop is can get sent to Mors Insurance where the owner will have to pay for it. Looting guns off people when dead is not scripted in this server so having cars to chop from your enemies will have more of a better outcome for a reward. Each official gang can fight for certain chops as a turf. Instead of gangs spinning HQs they can steal there vehicles and chop them. You can also add a script where the players can locate their vehicles like if it was a tracker.