Chance to Permadeath

So, I was watching Chris’ stream today, and he ended it kind of disappointed in the interaction he had with this gang in a sting operation. Instead of trying to grab up the guns and get the fuck out, the whole gang just played deathmatch with the Police, which they lost, badly. Chris is trying to get people to roleplay like they would act in real situations, that’s the purpose of the fear for your life rule, but, in the heat of the moment, if you know you’re gonna wake up at the other end of this thing, who’s gonna worry about getting out alive? Who’s gonna sit down and try to negotiate?

I think that the way we’re gonna get those kinds of interactions is if there’s a very real chance that you’re not gonna wake up in the hospital in the next fifteen minutes.

I’d say use the system that tracks what kind of injuries you took before you went down, if that system tracks where you were hit with bullets even better but if not could just do a threshold, like say, if you took 100 damage from bullets in the last five minutes, bandaged or not, add a chance to die permanently, say, 10%, since it’s really not uncommon for people to come out the other end after getting gunned down either, but it’s enough I think. Enough that people have to think about that possibility, whether they’re good roleplayers or fuckin Danny’s, you know? And maybe act accordingly.

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