Cash registers are unrealistic

When you hit a register you are stuck in a long animation that is unable to be canceled. This means if you are holding a hostage and robbing it 2 man. One person has to hit both the safe and the registers. Well the cops will ask you every 5 seconds if you’re done with the safe and they constantly rush you for literally no reason. So if you try to hit a register to speed the process. They use the fact you cant stop hitting it as a reason to breach. When in reality it would take 2 seconds to stop and point your gun. They say there is “no gun on the hostage” even if you say you’ll drop the bag and shoot him if he moves. Cops don’t care about others Role Play if it doesn’t suit their agenda for that day. If you could cancel the animation it would be a million times more realistic and will stop cops from powergaming because they know for a FACT 100% they can just do it with no repercausions even if you tell them youll quit hitting the register to shoot. They know you cant and will just do what they want. Ive seen it happen more than once and no one even gets talked to and it made me want to not wake up anymore when it happened to me because my RP was ignored and spit on. They even laughed at me and said “drop the bag then” showing they knew they were powergaming but they just don’t care. You wonder why people hate cops. Because they cant deny RP and call it a SOP.

The crim/cop dynamic is ever changing and it seems like your bigger issue is less that you can’t stop the animation or the realism aspect of the register and more the police and their SOPs. As this is an ongoing situation involving multiple entities we can only tell you that we can look into the code for stopping a heist early for a lesser payout, which will ultimately make people not rob anything and thus less content. My other suggestion for your is to find a third to circumvent half the issues you are facing.