Cars save to garage location

I know this has been brought up in the past (maybe in a sub meeting?), and may have even been a feature at one point but I don’t recall the answer.

Change: Personal vehicles should stay at the garage location we park them at.


  1. Promote RP for bus, taxi, and uber drivers. As is non crim, non gov, civ work is relegated to restuarants, events, and the grinding non-whitelist jobs. I’ve seen many public/private transport RP’ers try and give up since it is rare for anyone to want a ride.
  2. Benefits immersion and forethought to your actions within the map.


  1. Significant loss of personal convenience
  2. May be difficult to implement?

Note: I am not a taxi/uber driver and am not suggesting this change for my own benefit.

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This would be something that is interesting, it’s something we wanted to do before but never had the time to put into it.

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I like the idea of this, would remove a lot of convenience but I like the immersion aspect of it, as well it would help public transport RP

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I would add to this suggestion… Cars stay in the garage you put them in but you can have a Car service bring it to another garage for a fee and a short wait.