Carbage truck job site is bit off sync, thus confusing new players

Description of the Issue: When one decides to do carbage cleaning, he would assume that everything is visual enough for it to work. This is not the case in this specific location. After starting the job on the site (clicking E), the red circle does not appear, thus rendering the job-place unusable unless you know this trick.
Expected Results: Clicking E, one should be fairly close to the actual position so it would show the red circle and he can throw the bags in.
Actual Results: Clicking E, nothing happens. Red circle doesn’t appear. It does appear when you go closer to the model that the script is looking for (it is the blue dumpster)
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Wait until you get a “call” into Balls territory near grove street.
  2. Going there and clicking E you wont see red circle.
  3. If you drive forward a bit to the nearest blue dumpster, circle appears
  4. One is now able to continue the job at this site.

PS! This is the spot:

Back of truck is position of the initial yellow circle.
Blue dumpster NE approximately 10-15 meters away is the place you can get the bags from.
Suggestion → move yellow circle bit north, so it would actually render circles straight away and thus make it more easy for people.

There is a dumpster that spawns there. Sometimes it gets knocks to narnia with local driving. So it finds the next relatable object.