Car Thief issues

Description of the Issue: I have been working to the car thief for weeks now. Every two runs for him, the mission fails and one of the three things happens: 1) The car can no longer be picklocked nor by the code itself (cuz usually you can do it with no lockpick) nor with actual lockpick. 2) There is no car spawned and only two guys with weapons. 3) There is a car spawned but no guys to fight and the car cant be lockpicked.
Expected Results: Go to location Car Thief gives, fight the guys, lockpick the car, take the car back to car thief (works two times in a row)
Actual Results: One of the three events happens every two runs which I already mentioned in the issue description.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to do a few times the Car Thief job and you will start seeing that one gets stuck and cant complete the mission. Have been going on since I started working to car thief.