Car Boosting Changes

The car boosting as it sits now is honestley very unfair is some aspects for solo players. the low/med boosts are gernerally okay ,but with police response time being like 1 min since the two boost spots are literally only like a 1-2 min drive from the station it makes it impossible as a solo to kill the two guards lock pick and hotwire before the cops are super close. The two guards also have an absurd amount of hp.With a pistol they take more then 7 shots to the head and is almost easier to kill them by driving over them. Then the police geting notified when they starts shooting is kind of crazy with their hp, It leaves you with maybe 30 secs to get the car. The chase is also almost impossible seeing as all the cops have mustangs that get to 150mph in no time at all while the high end boost car is still slow as shit. The diversity of the car should aslo not just being vanilla cars but some more interisting modded ones for high end jobs.

To sum it up, the locations need to be farther away, less hp on guards, not an instant response time, and better vehicles , maybe a tracker that pings every minute so a chase can happen but you can evade it and it will auto turn off after x amount of time

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