Can pick up garbage from bins while not having job

Description of Issue : Okay, So. Im driving down the alley towards the LUX Motor’s Garage, and there is a garbage bin there. Im in my Jeep Demonhawk and without having the Garbage collector job, it still allows me to pickup the bags of garbage.

Expected Results: Shouldnt see a red circle around a garbage dumpster without being employed for garbage.
Actual Results: I can pick up garbage while not employed to that specific job.
Steps to Reproduce: Well, Not sure if its car dependant yet, so Jeep Demonhawk and driving near a dumpster will allow you to get the red circle and collect garbage.

I have uploaded a screenshot for further diagnostics.

I will also add, Incase it helps. I am employed Not by JSC but the Mining Job =) so its in a completely different field of study =)

Thanks for the report bud, whats your discord ID I got something for you. We will address this soon.