Camera mode stuck on screen

Description of the Issue: Phone camera view stuck on screen.
Expected Results: Be able to exit the camera view.
Actual Results: Unable to exit the camera view .
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open phone while your stuck on camera screen.
  2. Go to your camera.
  3. Exit camera mode normally.

press backspace and it should fix it

ive found that out myself

That is not the glitch, that is just how to exit the camera mode regularly.

that is how to exit it though ive tested it before i had it stuck once aswell

it happens when u open camera mode and try to exit it with U button while the button to exit camera mode is backspace

That is not a glitch, that’s just pressing the wrong button to exit

This is a glitch where you can’t leave the mode no matter what button you click

ah okay nvm then haha i tried to help

No worries lol. Its weird and I seen it happen to people a few times.